A story out of the PPM servicebook…

As a preview what your next winter weekend could be like, read how Graham enjoys the valley and PPM takes care oft he rest….

An ordinary wednesday morning in january in London. Graham is enjoying his coffee while going through the Financial Times at his favorite café. He can‘t ignore the conversation at the next table: „There is so much fresh snow in the alps, I hope the roof of my chalet can take it. We‘re planning to go there in a week…“

Knowing, that his house is looked after professionally and that there are no problems with the snow, he can order another coffee unconcerned. But now he is wondering what the PPM-team thinks of the snow conditions. He writes a text to PPM and recieves an answer in no time. „Graham, conditions are outstanding, looks like a bluebird on friday and great weather for the weekend.“ He has a quick meeting at his office and then calls home. „Mary, change of plan, let‘s go to St.Moritz friday morning. I heard our friends are there aswell.“ Mary knows what‘s up and is looking forward to a great lunch on the mountain.

Friday morning they get into a silver jet with red stripe at City Airport and fly away. In Samedan the PPM team is ready to pick them up and drive them to their home. The skiboots are heated and ready to put on and the skis are freshly prepared from Skiservice. Mary loves the flowers in the house and is excited, that she doesn‘t have to go grocery shopping, the fridge is already filled. Off we go! What a glorious day! Off piste skiing in powder, lunch at the most beautiful spot, meeting friends and another two beautiful days ahead. Graham invites six friends over for dinner, he wants to show them his new wine cellar; Mary is concerned, what to cook? „No problem Mary“, their property manager soothes her, takes his phone out and organizes everything for a great dinner in their beautiful home.

Sunday morning Graham decides to get in some more skiing. There is not much time, as he has an appointment in London at 3 p.m. „Easy Tiger, I‘ll meet you at the airport“ and off he goes. A couple of descents on Diavolezza to end an amazing weekend and his PPM guide gets him directly from Val Arlas to the silver jet on time.

For a couple of weeks their house is in the hands of PPM, it will be rented professionally and ensured, that a villa in the swiss alps can be a lucrative investment…Off to foggy London, until we meet again…

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