Need for Speed in St. Moritz

Yes, we all know that St. Moritz is famous for being a perfect playground for the very relaxed skiers: a funicular up, slow descent to Paradiso or Salastrains, a truffle fondue on the terrace, then sun tanning, socializing, and „Champagne-ing“ are on the program. But then, this is just one part of the St. Moritz society. Another one prefers the holidays under the credo: „Need for Speed“. If you belong to the second group, you might find our list of the „Super Fast Winter Activities“ in St. Moritz and its surroundings pretty useful. 

For the fast skiers and snowboarders. 
You know you are fast. By how fast? Head to Corviglia mountain where two attractions are awaiting you. The first one is the Audi Ski Run. On the around 400m long, permanently marked giant slalom course, light barriers measure the racing times to 1/100th of a second. Fully automatic cameras along the edge of the piste record the pursuit of new record times from the start right down to the finish line. Afterward, the video can be directly downloaded onto the internet and shared.
The second option is the secured piste on Corviglia (No. 15) where a UYN Speedcheck section is equipped with a permanent speed gun that takes a radar image of you as proof of your sensational achievement.
For those who are hungry for speed on the immaculate snow carpet, here is a tip for the fastest way to be up on the mountain before everyone else does: book a helicopter transfer directly to the top of Piz Nair or Corvatsch and be the first to leave the lines on the perfectly prepared slopes. Contact your PPM concierge to find out all details and arrange this service. 

For the tobogganing fun.
Get your ultra-modern rodel or a traditional wooden sled, a helm, warm clothes, and good shoes for breaking: even if you love speed, you will still need to fit into pretty steep and sharp turns. Muottas Muragl & Darlux tobogganing runs are waiting for you. The Muottas Muragl one is located just a 10-minute drive from St. Moritz and is accessed by a classic funicular. The views from the top are spectacular and the schnitzel break at the panoramic restaurant is a must. The second adrenalin-raising tobogganing slope is called Darlux and is located next to a long and easy-going one from Preda to Bergün. Don’t forget to book your table at the Arvenstübli of Weisses Kreuz Hotel for a delicious fondu from a local producer. 

For driving experience fans.
Engadin is a perfect place for those who want to learn how to feel secure driving a car on an icy and snow-covered road. The first possibility is to book a course in the driving center of Zernez. The second one is to be invited to one of the exclusive snow driving experiences which are held by the best car manufacturers on the special track next to Samedan airport. 
Need more ideas for 4wheel fun on snow? Why not book an evening on snow racing kart track in Celerina or a full adventure day on snowmobiles in the Italian Madesimo? Your chalet manager will be happy to share with you all the details about how to book those experiences!
And if you happen to be in the Engadin on the 26th February 2022, don’t forget to visit the ICE St. Moritz event which has been created to enjoy driving, showing, and watching some of the world’s most exciting motor cars in a beautiful environment of the frozen lake.

For snow kiters and ice skaters. 
Do you enjoy kitesurfing? Why not try this winter a new experience: the super fast and fun snow kiting either on the frozen Silvaplana lake or the snowfield at the Bernina pass? Snowkiting courses are available for both beginners and advanced fans of this sports art. 
Figure skates are here for a relaxed afternoon, but what if you are a fan of speed skating? Engadin has it too. A circular rink for training accessible only with speed skates awaits you on St. Moritz frozen lake.  
And here is another tip for a unique event to watch: Bob Run Skating. On the 19th February 2022 licensed ice hockey players will race for victory on the fastest route from St. Moritz to Celerina, the Bobrun.

For horse lovers.
Have you already visited the White Turf event and wondered how it is possible to keep balance on skis being pulled by a galloping horse? You can try it too: skijoring lessons are given to all those who feel adventurous, are secure on skis, and are a minimum of 16 years old. 
By the way, your kids have a great opportunity to try this sport too on the 19th February 2022. This year White Turf program was expanded and includes Family Days on Saturdays including pony races, two mounted kids skijoring races, and “Skikjöring taxi rides” for younger ones.

And last but not least: two runs for the real adrenaline junkies. 
For real speed, head to the hill which goes down from St. Moritz to Celerina. There, two unique experiences await you: skeleton on Cresta Run and bobsleigh taxi on Olympic bob run. 
The Cresta Run, a 1200 meters run and the birthplace of the sport practiced on it, skeleton, had long been open only for club members. Nowadays everyone who is adventurous enough can apply for participation. 
The second variant is fast too, but gives you less control of the sled – that’s a bob taxi. Safely nestled between pilot and brakeman you’ll experience a fantastic, adrenalin-pumping ride on the 1722 meters long natural ice track, which is at the same time the longest ice sculpture in the world.
Our team member Falko Jauch has recently personally checked both experiences for you and it is him whom you see on the head photo making the dangerous maneuver on the skeleton sled. Give us a call, book your luxury residence with PPM St. Moritz and you will get the full instructions and all insider tips for your unforgettable experience at Cresta Run and Bobsleigh taxi from Falko personally!

We sincerely hope to welcome you soon to our Engadin Valley,
Your team of the luxury chalet and apartments rental specialists, PPM St. Moritz

Photo credits: Engadin St Moritz, St Moritz Tourism, Silvaplana Tourism, Porsche Switzerland, Swiss Helicopters, Melissa Michel Cresta Run, The Ice St. Moritz and Falko Jauch.

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