Flo Rubertus

PPM Partner and Master of Ceremonies

Since 2008, Flo has been a member of PPM and knows the properties, special requests and processes within the company like nobody else. With much precision and attention to detail, Flo is the perfect host for our esteemed guests or our valued owners. He passionately took over the reins of the company in 2016 and leads by example: “Enjoy the valley – we take care of the rest”.

Oli Stastny

PPM Founder and Idea Force

As the founder of PPM, luxurious villas and excellent service are a passion of Oli. In addition to customer care, he brings real estate dreams for our clients to life; from acquisition to project development to implementation during construction. Within the company you can never be too sure about what kind of groundbreaking ideas he comes back with in order to inspire the team…

Sabine Stastny

PPM Founder and Design Queen

Sabine founded the company together with Oli and from the very first day she was fully involved in all aspects of PPM. In addition to the administrative work at, she has been running our interior design department called Maunalej for 12 years, realizing projects from St. Moritz, to Lake Como and Hawaii.

Falko Jauch

Culinary Wizard and Client Relations

Falko lives and breathes his main passion – cooking. With degrees in culinary arts and hotel management, he knows how to spoil our guests. We are no longer surprised when he arrives at the office in the morning and talks about last night’s gourmet dinner at Suvretta House – Falko loves to continuously experiment with his passion with much pleasure.

Uli Di Santo

Sparkle Queen

Uli is in charge of housekeeping at PPM and is in control of her “girls” with motivation and dedication. A closed Maloja Pass does not prevent Uli from finding her way, but if your final walk through does not meet your set standards, that’s different…

Sabine Schindlbauer

Globetrotter, International Sales and Special Packages

Sabine is the newest addition to PPM. Joining the team in 2019, her extensive global network is an indispensable addition to the business. Sabine is an experienced marketing and management expert, developing strategies for and running global networking, fundraising, sports events and athlete projects. Her passion to deliver extraordinary experiences for people, companies & brands manifests itself in her creative approach, effective leadership and operational skillfulness.

Julie Stastny

Social Media Expert

Julie grew up with PPM and its business; she not only understands the services of PPM inside out, but also knows our properties within the rental fleet extensively, some even from their construction period. On the pulse of time, with a fable for photography and an in depth understanding of modern means of communication, Julie is creating all social media assets…and doing so next to a busy school curriculum.

Ramon Moldenhauer

Client Relations and Villa Manager

When such a versatile team player like Ramon stays in the Engadin after living in various places all around the world, it shows not only his passion for our destination but also the diversity of the latter. Ramon looks after the properties entrusted to him with great precision and is always delighted to give the owners tips on how to enjoy the Engadin valley even more.

Pascal Schärli

Client Relations, Villa Manager and Jack of all Trades

As a true Engadin native, Pascal knows the valley like the back of his hand. Since Spring 2023 he has been working for PPM as caretaker of our houses. With his manual skills and his heartiness, he is the perfect addition to the team. Furthermore, you can speak to him in German, English, Italian and Romansh…

Silvia Stastny

Queen of Spreadsheets, Numbers and Expenses

For 12 years, Oli Stastny has been lucky that all bookkeeping and the growing paper trails are in safe hands. Who does one trust more than his own mother? In addition to a clean record and 40 years of office experience, Silvya also jumps right in on emergency missions whenever there is a need for a seamstress with a master’s examination in the team.

Maria Gerber

Rentals, International Sales and Marketing

Maria is our back office fairy who organizes bookings for our guests and, as a multi-lingual talent, can communicate with almost every guest in their mother tongue. In the rental department, she is fully committed to marketing and sales, as well as looking after our worldwide partners.

Elia Beti

PPM Allrounder and Backoffice Master

Elia grew up in Pontresina and is a young and talented cross-country ski professional. “Growing up in the Engadine, with the best winter conditions, it is only natural to pursue a winter sport in this beautiful landscape,” says Elia about his passion for the sport. In our team he is giving his full support in managing and taking care about the properties and is our backoffice master. Elia speaks fluently German, Italian, English and Romansh.

Our buddy
named Buddy

The Truffle Nose, The Bodyguard and Anti-stress Agent

Buddy is not only responsible for keeping up the Team’s good mood and welcoming the guests to our office, but he is also our best agent for discovering and selecting the top dog-friendly locations and activities in the Engadin Valley.

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