The hidden flowtrail in Engadin

Riding on two wheels in and around St. Moritz does have its charm, indeed. Especially, if you know where the best trails are hidden.

The week has only just started and my calendar is already quickly filling up with appointments – for me this is the perfect moment to clear my head during a little after-work mountain bike ride.

It is already rather late and I decide not to go for the amazing flow-trails on Corviglia but for a tour to the Diavolezza valley station and back over the small but very entertaining Morteratsch trail.

Leaving from the center of Pontresina I pass by Hotel Walther in the direction of the via ferrate Resigna (also a great experience, which we at PPM love to organize for our guests). The small path through the woods leads with a slight incline all the way to the Diavolezza valley station. With the amazing 360-degree mountain scenery the effort of riding on more than 1800m above sea level suddenly becomes the easiest thing in the world.

Arriving at the top I have to stop to wipe off a few beads of sweat from my forehead and to soak in the views. I adjust the bike’s suspension and off it goes all the way down to the train station and Hotel Morteratsch. To speed down the trail across the fields and through the woods and to steer the bike through the perfectly groomed curves on the short flow trail section in the forest – this is the perfect moment to free your mind from the everyday stress and to enjoy the Engadin nature with some fun and adrenalin.

The laid-back hiking trail along the train tracks leads me back to Pontresina where a refreshing Bernina beer is already waiting for me.

If you would like to join me for the next ride, I am happy to share a sweaty but highly rewarding experience in the Engadin mountain landscape with you.

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