Autumn vacations in the Engadin 

Traditionally, in October, the Engadin Valley moves into the off-season, but in recent years, especially before the weekends, the noise of private planes landing in Samedan has been increasingly heard in the autumn sky over St. Moritz, and a whole line of cars is flashing their lights on the Maloja and Julia passes on the way to the mountain valley. Whether it's the global warming (autumn snowfalls are becoming less frequent), or the change in preferences after "corona crisis" (vacation closer to nature and away from people crowds keeps on being relevant), or the fashion for a healthy lifestyle (Engadin provides miles of picturesque routes for hiking), but more and more travellers choose our valley as a place for active autumn holidays.

So what to do in and around St. Moritz in the fall? Below you’ll find a few ideas for activities and places that locals and regular Engadin guests love so much.

1. First and foremost are outdoor walks: relaxed ones around the lakes of St. Moritz and Staz, active ones on the many forest trails, challenging ones on the many kilometers of mountain routes. Hiking and trekking in the Engadin is a real treat not only in the summer, but also in the fall. The main thing is to choose the right shoes, clothing and equipment. If you are in doubt about the choice, the professional guides of PPM St. Moritz team will be happy to help with advice.

2. Bicycle tours in the fall remain just as attractive as in the summer season. Along the lakes of the Engadin Valley, watching the morning fog “Maloja snake” dissipate, along forest trails under an ochre rain of larch needles, through the cozy valleys of Fex or Roseg – the choices are endless. 

3. Chilly fall evenings are a good excuse to open fondue and raclette season without remorse. For the best cheese delicacies we recommend a small store with its own production: Sennerei in Pontresina. And if you want something special, the chefs at PPM St. Moritz are always on hand, whether it’s a barbecue outdoors (with a warming grappa – it’s autumn after all!) or a gourmet dinner in the comfort of your chalet.

4. It’s chestnut season in the neighboring Bregaglia Valley. There are some of the largest chestnut groves in Europe and every year the local farmers hold a festival in honor of this delicious and nutritious fruit. For those who are not afraid of a long walk, we recommend to combine the chestnut festival with a hike on the 18-kilometer unique panoramic trail from Maloja to the picturesque historic village of Soglio. 

5. Not only have many restaurants in the Engadin responded to travellers’ interest in the fall season by extending opening dates, but also the mountain cable cars & railways : the Corviglia and Muottas Muragl ones are open until October 22, and the Diavolezza cable car, near the Bernina Pass, until October 20.

6. Missing shopping? A short transfer to Samedan airport and a 40-minute helicopter flight over the breathtaking mountain peaks and sparkling lakes, and you’re in Milan! 

7. How do you involve the children in an outdoor activity? You could, for example, tell them an interesting legend and go on an adventure! Every year in late autumn, a unique phenomenon can be observed on Lake Sils: the waters of the lake bring small ochre balls to the shore. A local myth has it that during a famine, trolls gave the people of Sils food safely wrapped in larch balls. These unusual creations of nature appear every year when larch trees drop their needles-they fall into the lake, where the waves turn them into fluffy balls.

8. And, of course, after an active day outdoors, there’s nothing better than relaxing with a glass of your favourite wine or armagnac in front of the fireplace of your chalet or apartment, knowing that PPM St. Moritz team will take care to make your vacation wonderful. A personal concierge will plan itineraries with the best guides, coordinate drivers and attendants, book a massage therapist or a fitness coach, and much more!

We look forward to making your fall vacation in the Engadin unforgettable! Come to visit us! 

Your PPM St. Moritz team

Photo credit: @Engadin St Moritz Tourismus AG, @Maria Gerber 

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