Feel the Valley

Yes, the current winter season is not over yet, but we thought to remind you that our dear Engadine valley is not only a winter wonderland but probably one of the most beautiful places on the planet to hike in summer and fall seasons.

St.Moritz and the Engadin valley offer hikes for any fitness and level. If you want to do a pure relaxing walk around the lake or a tough workout – one thing accompanies you on any hike, outstanding views and beautiful picturesque nature.

What makes the Engadine so special is the numerous lakes high up on the mountains as well as the main lakes characterizing the bottom of the valley. The colours play with the sun and the weather like magic.

Depending on the places you choose to hike and the time of the year you will find very remote and quiet places to fully detox from any stress. One of my favorites is to choose the right time and place and meet the Capricorns, our local mascot.

The PPM Concierge Team is happy to set together your personal hiking day, week, or season and we can ensure you will see places that are not found in any hiking guides or websites! Let us make you discover the summer Engadin and fall in love with it!

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