Панорамный вид с Муоттас Мураль

It’s an absolute must for every visitor of the Engadin to take a trip up to Muottas Muragl. Not even the best located Suvretta chalet, a St. Moritz town penthouse or villa can top these views.

The Summer has arrived in the Engadin Valley. The colors of the nature motivates you to enjoy some outdoor activities.

The cable car Muottas Muragl is 2199m long and overcomes 709m of hight. It is the oldest Cable car in the Valley and celebrated 2007 a 100 years anniversary. The start of the construction of the Muottas Muragl cable car was in 1905 and the first run was 2 years later in 1907. In the beginning the guests could only reach the station by walking or a horse carriage.

Once you arrive at the top, there is a stunning view over the whole Engadin Valley. On a clear day you overlook the deep blue lakes all the way to Maloja. If you haven’t been up there on a sunny summer day there is still something on your bucket list….

On a panoramic, more or less flat hike called “Höhenweg”, you will reach Pontresina or the station of the Languard chairlift just above the village.

The sporty version from Muottas to Pontresina would be over the famous Segantinihut ( Segantinihütte ) with 2731m above sea level on the Schafberg. The famous painter Giovanni Segantini spend his last days in this hut – good hiking boots are requested.


Muottas Muragl is a must for everyone who is visiting the Valley in summertime –

Btw: The cables of the Muottas Muragl train first got testet in San Francisco on the famous cable car before being installed on the steep track in the Engadine.

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