Tasty & authentic: brunch at Alp-Schaukäserei Morteratsch

A summer culinary tip from our concierge team: a very authentic, a very tasty (only local top fresh products are on the menu: alpine milk, eggs, bread, meat, and cheese), a very relaxing and so picturesque Brunch at Alp-Schaukäserei Morteratsch! Adorable rabbits & goats, a traditional cheese production show, and fresh alpine air are a bonus! Not forgetting about the chance to burn the calories on your hike to Morteratsch Glacier or at the new waterfall itinerary.

Our tip: avoid weekends when it gets too crowdy and ask your PPM private concierge to book you a table between Tuesday and Friday.

Photos: @Engadin St. Moritz, @Maria Gerber

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