The I.C.E. St. Moritz: event-to-watch of the week.

There are many great ski resorts in the Alps, but probably none of them has such an amazing, fully natural - and that is why sometimes unpredictable - stunning event stage as St. Moritz Lake.

A joy for the eye in summer with the colorful sailing boats gliding on deep blue colored water against a backdrop of flowering meadows, emerald forests, grey-white peaks, and bright blue skies, it turns into a white playground in the wintertime. Walking or just soaking in the sun, having a glass or two or a whole lunch in one of the gourmet tents, ice skating or cross-country skiing, playing snow golf or cricket, watching Snow Polo ponies & their jockeys, The White Turf speed horses or just socializing and people-watching are on the program.

And since its test edition in 2019, the I.C.E. St. Moritz keeps on bringing together some other glamorous beauties to watch on the frozen lake: the world’s rarest and most exciting motor cars! It is a unique opportunity for car enthusiasts to see these unique machines up close and in action, as many of the cars are driven on the ice during the event.

This year’s dates are the 24th and 25th of February, so we hope to see you on the ice of St. Moritz lake at the end of this week!

Photo credits: @The I.C.E. St. Moritz

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