Катание на коньках и хоккей в Энгадине

From the world’s second largest country to a small Swiss mountain village – the passion for ice hockey stays the same.

Up until I was 11 years old I lived in Canada, the land of ice hockey. I was practically born wearing skates. Hockey is my passion and I am beyond happy that the Engadin valley also has a very long-standing tradition in this sport. What most people don’t know is that the EHC St. Moritz has celebrated its 100th birthday in February 2018 and, thus, is one of Switzerland’s oldest hockey clubs. But not only St. Moritz has ambitious hockey players, almost all of the Engadin villages have their own club. Locals know that every Saturday night there are barn burners on all the open ice rinks in St. Moritz, Celerina, Samedan etc.

But not only the groomed ice fields serve as a venue for the players. When the weather is being kind to us and presents us with an early Christmas gift, we are able to experience something very special: black ice. Black Ice is very clear, compact and stable ice, which displays a transparency that lets the depth of the underlying waters shine through and makes the surface shimmer in a deep black. If you haven’t experienced it yet and get the opportunity to do so, this phenomenon is not to be missed. Especially the frozen Lago Bianco on the Bernina pass offers an impressive ice skating experience. If you are not headed that direction, can enjoy the ice route in Madulain along the Inn river with a cup of mulled wine or while sprinting the ice with your dog.

Хоккейный турнир Coppa Champiuns

Already fort the third time the hockey tournament Coppa Champiuns will take place in the ice rink Ludains in St. Moritz. With participating teams from Sweden, Russia and Switzerland this is a fun tournament on the highest international level. The tournament has made a name for itself among locals and guests and the PPM team is looking forward to establish it as an ongoing tradition. If all goes well, even the leader of our PPM pack, Oli Stastny, will put together a PPM team to ensure the trophy stays close to home.

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